How to Make A Logo Sketch for Beginners

The logo is a picture / painting or just a sketch with a particular sequence representing the company, organization, product, country, and others. The logo must have a philosophy and a basic framework for a particular purpose.

This is according to Wikipedia, but in a short summary, the meaning of the logo is an image to a specific meaning.

The logo is derived from the Greek ‘logos’ which means ‘words and thoughts’.

Logo is very important for a company or other organization. Suppose you want to buy an Apple Macbook, but there is no logo on the laptop, what happens?

Of course you do not buy the laptop and choose to find another laptop because there is no clear statement.

To make a logo, you will need certain skills. However, we here will learn how to create a logo easily online and offline.

Things to consider before making a logo is, to prepare in advance about your idea, then you can select the layout and start designing.

How to create a logo for beginners

# 1. On-line

It will be better if we first discuss how to create a logo online.

How is it done? It’s easy, because through online, you do not need other software or, just need to have an Internet connection.

Now, select one from the manufacturer’s website for free logo below, sorted by the best.

  • LogoGarden
  • OnlineLogoMarker
  • DesignMantic
  • Logaster
  • Supalogo

I will show the tutorial only for LogoGarden, because I think it is most convenient and suitable for beginners. For others, you can try them by your own.

How to create a logo in LogoGarden:

  1. Select the ‘Make my FREE LOGO’.
  2. Select the category of the logo that you want, for example, the admin will select the logo Technology + Science.
  3. After that, you will enter the symbol list of the category you choose. Now, click on the symbol you want. It is great if that symbol can represent and give a good sense for your industry.
  4. Now, edit the logo and give the title logo that you want. For example, an admin will give it the title of this website SKETCHPLANET.COM and with tagline Art for Everyone. Oh yes, do not forget to choose a nice font. If it’s for technology, I suggest to choose a font that is cool. If it is for travel, I suggest to use it with an Italic style. Anyway, just adjust it based on your own preference.
  5. Finally, click Save Now.
  6. Fill out all the forms to get the download link of your logo.

# 2. Offline

First, to make, I have to set up and install the software to create offline logo, sorted by the best experience. The following list are:

  • AAA Logo
  • MSWLogo.
  • Logosmartz.
  • LogoMaker.
  • Summisoft Logo Design Studio.

For the tutorial, we will cover them in the next tutorial. Meanwhile, you can try them first one by one, remembering that it is easy to make a logo using these tools.