How to Make A Sketch of Triceratops

triceratops sketch

Triceratops is the dinosaur that has three horns. The four-legged animals can grow to as high as 7.5 meters. Triceratops (from the Greek, means “three-horned face”) is a kind of three-bodied horned dinosaurs large. Its length can reach 9 meters, with height of about 3,8 meters and a weight of 6, 5 tons. Its short call is TRITOP.

This dinosaur is rarely running scared because of Tyrannosaurus, because usually they protect themselves with sharp horns. Once referred to as the dinosaur knight, because of a combination of the head and horns to make himself like a knight with a sword and shield.

This designation is true, because the skin that are at the ‘shield’ is very hard. Besides the sharp horns are able to make opponents fear.

Today, we’re going to make a sketch of Triceratops. Follow the instruction on the images below.

triceratops sketch Triceratops Final SketchRead More